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Frank Sortino
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More big hits like: Jail Break by: Thin Lizzy, Pearl Necklace by: ZZ Top, That Smell by:
Rockin in the free world by: Neil Young, American Band by: Grand Funk, Snortin Whiskey
by: Pat Travers, Stone Cold Crazy by: Metallica, What Ever by: Godsmack, Sad But True by:
Metallica, Highway Star by: Deep Purple, Mr. Brownstone by: Guns & Roses, Good times
bad times by: Led Zeppelin, Symphony of Destruction by: Megadeth, Fairies wear boots
by: Black Sabbath, Dog eat Dog by: Ted Nuggent, Mississippi Queen by: Mountain,
Hicktown by: Jason Aldean, Free For All  by: Ted Nuggent, Beatin The Odds by: Molly
Hatchet, She's Country by: Jason Aldean, Bounty Hunter by: Molly Hatchet, Ace of Spades
by: Motorhead, Beer Drinkers by: ZZ Top, Whatever by: Godsmack, Rocky Candy by:
Montrose, Lord of the Thighs by: Aerosmith, L.A. Woman by: The Doors, Every Roses has
it's Thorns by: Poison, Paranoid by: Black Sabbath, Don't Fear The Reaper by: BOC,
Round and Round by: Ratt, Talk Dirty To Me by: Poison, Lay it Down by: Ratt and many
to carry on with a newer style of the
rock n roll we all know House Blue by:
The Doors, Knockin on Heavens Door
by: Guns & Roses, Hey Jealousy by:
Gin Blossoms, Whats your Name by:
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Running Down A
Dream By: Tom Petty, Cat Scratch
Fever by: Ten Nugget, White
Wedding by: Billy Idol, Tube Snake
Boogie by: ZZ Top, Every Rose Has
It's Thorns by: Poison, Take a lil ride
with me by: Jason Aldean, Highway
Song by: BlackFoot, Figured you Out
by: Nickleback, Turn the page by: Bob
Seger and many more.