Tim Fisher

(Bass / Vocals)

A Tampa native, Tim started playing music at a
very young age. By the age of 14 he was
entertaining crowds.

Tim, has played in multiple projects in various
genre's including, Jazz, Funk, Dance, R&B and
African/World Music.

Tim's influces include Geddy Lee Stanley Clark
and John Entwistle to name a few.

Rick Dyson

(Keyboards / Vocals / Guitar / Flute)

A Chicago native was first introduced to
music by his Aunt Gilbretta, at a very young
age.Starting with Piano, he added Guitar,
Flute and Vocals to his resume.

Over the years Rick, has played with many
bands including Gorgon Medusa,
Hemlock and, A.J. Dawg

Rck, has shared stages with Dixie Dregs,
Savoy Brown and Teenage Radiation to
name a few.

Rick's influces include Jethro Tull, Moody
Blues, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Captain

Jim Cash

(Drums / Percussion)

A Buffalo, NY native Jim, comes from a family rich with musicians. His father, an
acomplished pianist that shared stages with Buddy Rich, introduced Jim, to the
drums at the age of 2. Jim, got his first drum set at the age of 5.

Over the years Jim, has played the New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania,
circuit with many bands including Out Of Order, Left Side View and Mr. Meanor.

Jim's influces include John Bonham - Led Zeppelin Neal Peart - Rush and Mike
Portnoy - Dream Theater to name a few.

AJ Wendler

(Guitar / Vocals)

Born in Budapest, Hungary, AJ, was introduced
to rock bands such as Deep Purple, Led
Zeppelin and Pink Floyd at the age of six.

He instantly fell in love with the playing styles of
guitar hero's Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page
and David Gilmore.

After arriving in the United States in 1981, AJ
was able to fulfill his passion and pick up guitar

Some of AJ's past local projects include
Espionage, Stone Gypsy, Storm Surge, and
Marth Quinn.

Chris "Siege" Jones

(Vocals / Percussion)

A New Jersey native Chris, moved to
Tampa, at a very young age. It wasn't long
after that he started playing drums and
providing backing vocals.

A short while later Chris, moved out from
behind the drums to lead vocal.

Through the years Chris, has played in
various projects. In addition to Cross Eyed
Larry, Chris, can be seen playing with his
trio, "Jonesn".
Cross Eyed Larry
Frankenstein by Cross Eyed Larry
Tom Sawyer by Cross Eyed Larry
Just over 9 years ago, 5 musicians came together and shared a vision to create a high
energy, classic / alternative rock show that is now Cross Eyed Larry...

Their vision is to bring the audience a Musical Experience like no other. To present the
music as close the original Artist as possible.

Their attention to detail and complex song selection fills the sets with artists and songs
audiences love but can't find without seeing the real thing or a Tribute band.

Their songs span decades of Billboard number 1's and consist of Classic Rock and Dance
favorites.The bands comical personality and on stage antic's makes for an entertaining
night for any age...

So... Got a fever for some Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Supertramp, Allan Parsons Project,
Journey, Eagles, Rush, and Jethro Tull,

Cross Eyed Larry, has the cure...